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The Dance Circus

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TDC is a collective of movement artists with extensive portfolios looking to raise the standard of creative solutions via out-of-the-box collaborations across movement styles.

Education Arm:

Wellness & Workshops


We offer curated programmes in the form of classes & workshops to promote wellness through movement. We serve corporate organisations, MICE, schools, and even private group or individual clients. Our aim is to spread the joy of movement to everyone regardless of age and ability.


Artistic Arm:

Production & Performance

We excel in conceptualising and executing novel and memorable experiences for a wide range of audiences. Our team offers unique and bespoke solutions for corporate functions such as product launches, company dinners and events.

Recent works include classes at Marina Bay Sands as part of Wellness Festival 2023 by Singapore Tourism Board, on-going classes at TRCL Charity catered to Domestic Migrant Workers as well as monthly wellness classes at Park Royal Hotel. From the Artistic Arm, a new work for Hermès featuring a group dance for the global HermèsFit Campaign. In addition, a dance film funded by National Geographic (Nat Geo) & SG Eco Fund, which will be premiering at The Projector in September 2023; it is a project that address the topics of fast fashion, sustainability & self-criticism.

Wellness & Education


Flow & Release

Movement Jam Party

Zumba Sweat




These GROOVE classes are designed to unlock the humdrum of daily life, this class focuses on softening the body and listening to our natural instincts. Free yourself of judgement and enjoy moving without tags or expectations.  



Vinyasa Yoga 

Hatha Yoga

Acro Yoga

Aerial Yoga



Movement Meditation

Progressive Technique













Our GROUND classes take root in building a strong foundation for our bodies. Focusing on improving strength, flexibility & posture, the aim is to increase body wellness and awareness.



The Way of Water



Hip Hop & Street Dance

Pole Dance












In these GROW classes, discover your most efficient way of moving as we dive into principles that can be applied to any expression of movement, be it dance, sport, or life itself.


Production & Performance


TRCL AEA(s) Fun Club

Movement Jam Workshop @ 10 Square


Changing Room Project

Premiere in September 2023 @ The Projector Cinema




Hermès Fit



Métamorphose de l'eau

(Metamorphosis of water)



Raindrops fall from the sky, mountain streams trickle into rushing rivers, sea waves crash into steam that rises to the clouds.


Water moves freely, and yet it is trapped in a cycle that does not end. It changes with every forceful spray and gentle sputter, and it becomes that which it once was before.


Will it ever be free? Perhaps it already is, for in the changing of its state it experiences many freedoms, yet it never loses its essence.


Perhaps that is how we too can flow from one self to another.



The Rice Company Limited



Movement Jam Workshop 



A mental wellness program for migrant domestic workers in Singapore. Featuring arts and creative activities including dance therapy workshops, percussion sessions, and talks about health and self-development 

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Changing Room Project


A dance film that asks:

"What does time spent criticising our bodies have to do with climate change?" 


Supported by Nat Geo Asia



We are a team of multidisciplinary artists and experience designers—choreographers, dancers, writers, visual artists, and filmmakers—who share a desire to break down silos of who gets to engage in conversations about climate change, and how.




​Changing rooms, where many scrutinize their own bodies and spend time considering how they'll fix or hide imperfections, are also often where fantasies of solutions rooted in "the next purchase" begin.


When a woman is alone in front of a mirror, she opens up to herself in ways marketers only dream of knowing. The slightest jiggle or a raw, harsh word whispered to herself, instructs that woman what to buy next: Is it a new skirt to cover up the bulging thighs? Spanx to tuck in belly fat? Or even the same shirt, but in a different, more flattering color? How does the psychological journey in a lonesome dressing cubicle connect to the rest of the world?



In Changing Room, bodies speak a universal experience many undergo in front of mirrors, where they feel imperfect, over and over. Flowing from a screening into a Q&A, where audiences can learn more about the effects of clothing choices on the environment, and then into Movement Therapy, where they look at themselves in a non-judgmental way, have self-love, and become more self-aware, they leave empowered to live without the old pressures of relying on appearance, and what clothes they wear, for confidence.

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