Interview with Sincerely Yours Magazine: "Strong is Beautiful"

My interview with Sincerely Yours Magazine is finally out! In it, I spoke about my how I use dancing as a tool to empower myself and other people around me. Below are a few of the questions asked... Read more on -

Q: What is it about dancing that empowers you?

A: To me dancing is a truly empowering feeling as I get to experience a state where I am in total control of the flesh. My mind, body and soul are connected. I find great satisfaction to use my body as a tool to communicate my thoughts, ideas and my feelings. The greatest thing is that become hypersensitive to my body and all the surroundings which enables me to be fully present and aware.

Q: What is a strong woman to you?

A: A strong woman to me is someone who is confident, independent, who is determined, a goal-setter, someone who is aware of her strengths and weaknesses and accepts and embraces the flaws in herself. And most of all, a strong woman does not allow society to define who she is and restrict what she’s capable of accomplishing.

Q: How would you define beauty?

A: I think beauty can be so diverse, but recently I see it as the ability to radiate joy and happiness. People are attracted to happy people and therefore being happy is beautiful. To freely allow your spirit to shine through in whatever you’re doing – that’s beauty.

Interviewer: Helen Woltering

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