Dance Europe

Issue No. 187 - August/ September 

"In Zipperline, by Stephen Quildan, there was a first-rate performance by Adelene Stanley as a high-priestess figure accompanied by four young men... Stanley's very strong, controlled technique enabled her to move with confident fluidity and expressiveness, and she showed a natural ability to communicate with the audience without a trace of self-consciousness. I am sure she has an excellent career ahead." 
"Adelene Stanley as The Chosen One (in Mark Baldwin's Rite of Spring) gave a performance of maturity and conviction that never faltered."
- by Amanda Jennings


Live Review: Inala- A Zulu Ballet

12 October 2014

"Adelene Stanley swept onto the stage all the grace of an ocean wave, and thus was the audience taken into an at times bizarre, unsettling, and fundamentally euphoric production."
"At the show's heart were its love stories: Mbulelo Ndabeni's breathe-taking duet with Adelene Stanley..."
"Certainly the hair raisng opening to the second half is deliberately alien, Stanley, again stands out here."
- by Gabrielle Watts 







Dance Europe

Issue No. 189 - November

"Adelene Stanley stood out in particular for her sharp, impulsive attack."
- by Gerard Davis



Huffington Post Arts and Culture

19 September 2014

"Particularly notable were Rambert dancers Mbulelo Ndabeni, Dane Hurst, Adelene Stanley and Ashleigh Wilson, who danced with verve and authenticity."
- by Meghan Feeks



Seen and Heard International

25 September 2014

"Adelene Stanley is a young dancer with strength and stage presence."
- by John O'Dwyer